The variety of books in the library of NGO House grows

With the opening of NGO House we launched the initiative “NGO Knigoteka.” Thanks to our donors, we can say with confidence that you can now find books, periodicals and magazines on any topics. Some of the publications which could be found on the shelves of the library are on topics related to children’s rights and youth policies,recent studies by the World Bank in Bulgaria and copies of newspaper Capital.

Organizations that are based at NGO House have joined and left their original editions, such as those donated to us by the Bulgarian Center for Not-for-profit Law, Financial framework for NGOs and business activities for non-profit organizations. Another book which you can find here is the Manual to working with Volunteers published by TimeHeroes.

Both visitors and residents of NGO House have the opportunity to learn about inspiring examples, good practices and share valuable experiences by accessing the library. Just by strolling around the shelvs of the library one can find favorite titles like The Little Prince, read about the Alternatives for your Free time published by the Foundation Open Space, relax while coloring a Game of Thrones book or learn more about the principles of democracy by the editions donated to us by Institute Open Society.

Access to the “Knigotekata” is completely free for visitors and residents of the house. Every reader can choose one of the comfortable places around the House, join the civic atmosphere of the House and why not to meet in person with some of the authors of books you will find here.

Posted on July 21, 2016 in Публикации

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