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It’s great to have your own job spot in the co-working area at NGO House, but what  do you do when you need to hold a workshop or training event at which you have to present the work of your NGO? Then again you need a true partner, a good host and a friendly place. All this can be found at NGO House; we will arrange the rooms according to the specifics of your event welcome you and your guests and stay close in case you need any support.

Workshops or trainings

Suitable for workshop and/or training are the halls: BCNL and The Hub. Each of the rooms has a capacity of 30 seats, and will be at your disposal with flipcharts and presentation equipment. In addition we can offer you our organizational support, as well as catering and/or coffee breaks.

Closed meetings and hearings

Adequate space, which you can use to conduct your closed events, is the boardroom – Meeting Point. The hall has a capacity of 12 seats, and has a great while wall on which you can brainstorm ideas, write down reference points or map your next steps and goals.

The Hub + Co-working – fully expected a good combination

If you are planning an event that has a combination of different activities or training in which participants should be divided into groups, you can take advantage of our weekend offer. The price includes 2 separate rooms (The Hub+ Co-working), and when the event is scheduled for 2 or more days discounts are waiting for you!

Further details of our proposals you can find here.

Posted on August 10, 2016 in News

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