The NGO House is a co-working space built on mutual support and cooperation. If you are a nongovernmental organization or a proactive citizen looking for an inspiring working environment, networking opportunities and a chance to attend variety of events and trainings, the House is the right place for you, where all of those opportunities are under the same roof.

What do we offer?

Co-working space, inspiration and support to active citizens and organizations



Private offices for civil organizations.

The House in numbers

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People part of the community
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  • The NGO house is the focal point of civic spirit and energy, it’s not just a house but a home

    — Yana Buhrer Tavanier, cofounder TimeHeroes —
  • We fully share the vision of the House and the idea for gathering civic organizations in one place and so that they can exchange information easier. We have the mission of supporting the development of civil society as well and admire any such initiative.

    — Alexander Ivanov, president, National Youth Forum —
  • We joined to the House because we believe in the network as a way to work together.We believe that the House is a great project and our participation in it will give us a wonderful opportunity to be part of another network where to give and receive knowledge, expertise information, friendship.

    — Ana Gencheva, Forum Citizen Participation —


To become part of the house, you have to: share the vision that every civic idea has its own right in the co-working space , has its own supporters and aims, be open to new ideas and potential collaborations with other people with similar interests and ideals to you.

People in the House

Active people and organizations you can meet in the House.

Forum Citizen Participation

National Youth Forum

Youth For Understanding (YFU) Bulgaria

Maria’s World Foundation

Miriana Malamin-Sirijski

Maria’s World Foundation

Maria’s World Foundation

Foundation Citizens against bureaucracy

Association Devetashko Plateau



We thank all our donors who have supported us. You can support us as well by donating money/property/ materials, becoming a volunteer or with other form of support. Contact us.


These are the people, who supported us directly with their personal and professional efforts and expertise to make the House the way it looks and operates today.

We are waiting for you in the House

— NGO House team —


Sofia, 1000, street 3 Hristo Belchev, floor 1 // Tel: +359 2 423 0018, +359 2 981 6617 // Email: info@ngohouse.bg // Working hours: Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. - 6 p.m.


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