Effective presentations: the two necessary steps towards them – Meeting of the Alumni Club of the Summer School for NGOs with Boris Hristov

The newly joined alumni’s from this year’s Summer School for NGOs, held the first week of June in Arkoutino had a chance to meet the former “alumni”, while being taught about the challenges and latest developments in making presentations at the meeting of the Alumni Club held on June 28th. The training was joined by the residents of NGO House, who actively asked questions to our guest speaker. Boris Hristov who joined us as a guest lecturer not only told us how to improve our presentation skills, but also gave us specific guidance on how to make our presentations more effective through design.

The guest speaker – Boris is the founder of 356labs – creative agency that deals with the design of presentations and training’s related to everything about the art of presentation. He has been part of the training world for more than seven years and has taught both students and managers on various topics about presentation –  from the skills of public speaking to the design and psychology behind our slides.

The participants received guidance and advice from Boris, who not only talked about the three steps when preparing a presentation and emphasized how important it is not to start immediately with tools like power point, and first to brainstorm ideas on a piece of paper and only then resort to adverse tools.

This was just one of the tips of Boris, so if you also want to become part of the future meetings of the Alumni Club of the Summer School for NGOs, but have not yet had the opportunity to participate in the training, you can ensure your access by joining the community of NGO House. Join the House and get to know the services that it offers. You will not be disappointed!

Posted on July 5, 2016 in Събития

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