The NGO House – we are already 2 years old


We traditionally associate December with surprises, Christmas mood and festive atmosphere. And we have one more occasion for celebration – a birthday, because today we are already 2 years old – 2 years filled with many emotions, shared moments and civil energy.

We celebrated our birthday excitingly – with many friends and adherents, smiling and filled with positive emotions.

We started in the early afternoon with Christmas pastry decorations, as our guide in the confectionery world was Ivan from “Nedelya” Pastry Shop. We created together unique, colorful and beautiful things that brought smiles to the faces of our little guests.

We continued with creating wonders of wool thread, thanks to our friends from “Knit heat”. We learned to knit and intertwine without getting tangled up.

The same afternoon a workshop of the Academy of Andy and Aya was opened , where children, and we too, had the opportunity to play fun games and make toys for the Christmas tree.

Our friends from the Day Care Center “Worlds “also contributed for the cozy atmosphere in the House. Thanks to them, our afternoon coffee was more aromatic than ever.

The celebration of the House was even sweeter and colorful, thanks to Shazlin Babikyan, who created for us a magic of walnuts, dates, coconuts; organic coconut cream, cocoa and coconut oil; blueberries; black chocolate with natural vanilla and banana. The taste of our cake was unique, and our appearance – cheerful. Thank you, Shazlin, from all our hearts!

Our celebration continued with a big party in A hub where all the organizations from the House and their friends gathered. Our guests were all partners and associates with whom we work through the year and together we walk  on the road where ideas become real.

We wished our New Year to be more successful, healthier, and peaceful to all of Us!


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