Campaign “Preregistration of NGOs – what do we need to know?”

Campaign “Preregistration of NGOs – What Do We Need to Know?” is a BCNL initiative dedicated to the registration reform of non-profit legal entities and includes a series of explanatory materials, trainings and events to be of benefit for the existing civil society organizations in their preregistration to the Registry Agency.

The Bulgarian Center for Not-for-Profit Law (BCNL) launched the information campaign “Preregistration of NGOs – what do we need to know?“. The campaign focuses on the amendments in the Non-Profit Legal Entities Act (NPLEA) concerning the registration reform of non-profit legal entities (NPLE) or more known as non-governmental organizations (NGOs), which will enter into force on 1 January 2018. The reform consists in transferring of the registration of NGOs, Community Centers and branches of foreign NGOs from the District Courts at their registered office to the Registry Agency.

On this occasion all existing and registered in the district courts until December 31, 2017 civil organizations: associations, foundations, including sports clubs and school boards of trustees, as well as community centers, branches of local and foreign NGOs – will have to preregister in the special Register of Non-Profit Legal Entities (the Register of NGOs), kept by the Registry Agency, in order to continue their existence. The deadline for preregistration of all NGOs is from 01.01.2018 to 31.12.2020.


What will the campaign include?

  •   A series of online information materials that answer the most important preregistration issues:

what will the preregistration procedure involve? –special rules for requesting preregistration, necessary documents and application for preregistration, how to submit the documents, deadlines, special cases of preregistration of community centers and branches of local NGOs;
what will happen with the registration of NGOs in the district courts, the BULSTAT Register and the Central Register of NGOs in Public Benefit with the Ministry of Justice – the main consequences of the registration reform;
will the names of NGOs after their preregistration be retained – special cases of duplication of the names of NGOs;
will it be possible to combine the procedure of preregistration with that of the registering of new changes to the NGOs – special conditions, additional documents, state fees, etc .;
what will be the main changes and new obligations for NGOs in public and in private benefit that they will have to comply with after 01.01.2018.

  •   Updated publication “Non-profit Legal Entities Act. Questions and Answers “presenting the current legal regime for the establishment, registration, preregistration and activity of NGOs as of January 2018 (online and in paper version)
    •     Short videos with practical tips for filling in preregistration applications;
    •     Information days in the NGO House – free counseling for NGOs and assistance from the BCNL legal team for filling in application forms for preregistration of NGOs;
    •     Practical trainings for NGOs on the topic “Registry reform of NGOs and what does it mean for us in practice?”;
    •     Discussion webinars with training elements – practical tips related to the NGO preregistration procedure and filling in application forms, with an option for asking questions in real time.

At the end of December 2017, we will announce the dates of the upcoming Information Days in the NGO House, of the practical trainings and discussion webinars that will be held in January and February 2018.
All online materials within the campaign will be published on the BCNL website and the NGO Information Portal
You can send your questions related to the preregistration of your organization to  088 851 99 91. or to ask them directly to BCNL Legal Consultants at tel: (02) 981 66 17 and at the phone: 088 851 99 91.
You can read everything more important on the topic of the forthcoming preregistration of NGOs gathered in one place in “Preregistration of NGO”.

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