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Perhaps your idea of a nice evening includes the idea of a good book, and why not a nice company. Every passionate reader likes to share his impressions and excitement from the book that has seized him. Here is our suggestion for a meeting of good literature and a pleasant company. We are happy to…

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The NGO House – we are already 2 years old

  We traditionally associate December with surprises, Christmas mood and festive atmosphere. And we have one more occasion for celebration – a birthday, because today we are already 2 years old – 2 years filled with many emotions, shared moments and civil energy. We celebrated our birthday excitingly – with many friends and adherents, smiling…

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Campaign “Preregistration of NGOs – what do we need to know?”

Campaign “Preregistration of NGOs – What Do We Need to Know?” is a BCNL initiative dedicated to the registration reform of non-profit legal entities and includes a series of explanatory materials, trainings and events to be of benefit for the existing civil society organizations in their preregistration to the Registry Agency. The Bulgarian Center for…

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Business vs. Cause – the intersection called social entrepreneurship

The topic of “social entrepreneurship” became quite popular lately. Social economy, social enterprise, social cooperative, corporate social responsibility – phrases which are more common, but what actually stands behind them? Can businesses solve social problems and how to turn the “more money” principle into a “better life”? We invite you to an informal talk wherw…

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