Happiness at the workplace – a practical seminar on the 5th of June

We invite you to a non-traditional journey, passing through the Eye of the storm and the country of paradox, all the way into the center on the Earth and beyond Time and Space. While you are travelling you will experience the pleasure of your own growth and deployment of you as a person, leader and a coach. You will be the pilots and your navigator will be a professional coach and navigator – Venelin Minchev from Equinox Partners.

During the seminar you will have the opportunity to get to know yourself in deep and realize what makes you happy and how to maintain that state on the daily basis. Together with Venelin you will create an experience that will provoke you to explore your own answers and to increase your conscience about the subject of Happiness as well as to approach the realization of the vision you have and would like to achieve.

Equinox Partners   is a company that is specialized in providing coaching services and organizing seminars about personal and professional development. The team creates the first Bulgarian program for teaching coaching and coaching skills -Intunity Coaches® that integrates all together the eastern and western philosophies and practices for a fulfilling experience and becoming aware of one’s own entirety, competeness and deep wisdom.

If we have succeeded to tempt you and you have decided to participate, please confirm you participation through this registration form.

Posted on May 30, 2017 in News

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