Talents arena in two floors

In the European Night of the museums 2017  NGO House and A Hub retold us art in the language of big and small, music lovers and fine art addicts. On the 20th of May the two spaces had their doors opened for the young talents of Bulgaria.

It all started with lots of enthusiasm
With the feeling that art no longer holds place just in museums and galleries. We encounter it everywhere – on abandoned buildings, in the streets and even on e-dashboards.  We see people draw, sing and dance or play an instrument at squares, on cars and with all kinds of surprising contemporary installations. There is no doubt about it – the experience at galleries and museums is different – a feeling of isolation, a dialogue with the artist and with ourselves.

Of course, the value of a work of art isn’t lost when it enters our daily life because it is in the message it brings to us, its ability to provoke, to make us dream but also to bring us down to earth, to explain and confuse our ideas about life, to blur the limit between reality and imagination.

We need both. The full submersion in the atmosphere in the big and small spaces, filled just with art as well as the interaction with it on our daily street walks.



Art nowadays – at the NGO House
At the House we could see the work of four photographers that presented their project “On the other side”- Tihomir Nachev, Tihomira Metodieva, Sergei Antonov and Stephan Dimiev. They showed us a small part of the nature of a small village in the Rhodopes that has been deserted for more than 25 years. The visitors could see the photos and hear the story of what it is like to live at a 3 hour walk from the closest village and with the rough climate of the Rhodopes.
Guest-artist of the House was Anna Alexadrova who teaches and gives concerts with her harp. Thanks to her the youngest visitors could touch this not-that-well-known instrument and have their first harp lesson. The children were charmed and inspired by the thin strings and created a performance with playing, singing and free-style dancing. Will some of the parents be purchasing a harp? We will soon find out.

A thin yellow line
The visitors could move between the House and A Hub and create their own unique creative mix following a yellow line that was leading them through all the activities.
The connection unit was the exposition “I decide = I exist” that took place in the space between the House and A Hub. The canvases were by Nadejda Georgieva – Nad and the texts by Yana Burer Tavanier. The exposition is inspired by true stories and tells us about dreams and possibilities under the bell jar of law, about lacks, differences and loneliness. But the exposition also shows us that we are the same – and happy – when our desires are being considered and when we get the chance to draw our own lifeline.

The visitors of the initiative had the chance to taste the delicious catering prepared by persons with intellectual disabilities from the daily care “Maria’s world”.


In the meantime A Hub opened its gates for the art of the young talents from the Fine arts department of the New Bulgarian University – a lot of paintings, sculptures and installations were matched with the decors provided by New Boyana studio.

The visitors also had the unique chance to see the art in action – the students from NBU were making quick sketches of models, live – here and now.


The live creation of art and music created this unforgettable atmosphere.

The musical experience at A Hub started at 6 PM with a performance by In Specter – two young artists who came especially for the night from Veliko Tarnovo. Special thanks to Misheto and Grishata you made a bright accent on music and won the hearts of the audience.

The night went on with virtuous and various performances by Konstantin Kuchev who plays the violin and improvised in front of our audience. Music attracts music – in proof of that on our musical stage appeared more musicians than predicted in our program. Vladimir Tachev (guitar) came just for the night from the faraway cherry field we found him in a telephone call earlier this week and brought some friends with him – musicians by soul –  Nicolina Atanasova (voice, guitar), Martina Ivanova (voice) and Plamen Mandajiev (guitar).They filled the A hub with the performance of lots of our favorite songs and improvisations and turned the Talents arena into a memorable experience that all visitors – big and small, creators and lovers of art, will remember.

We promised to continue to support the young artist of Bulgaria because art is in need of that citizen energy that the NGO House and A Hub regenerate each day.

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