BCNL presents its activities to Albanian colleagues

Today in the House a meeting between the representatives of nonprofit organizations from Albania and representatives of Bulgarian non-governmental organizations took place. Pavleta Alexieva, program director of the Bulgarian Center for Nonprofit Law and Aileen Yumerova, law consultant at BCNL presented more information about their activities, programs and the campaigns that are at the focus of attention and work of the organization to their Albanian colleagues. The guests had the chance to learn more about the House as a place where people from the civil sector can create, a place for sharing experience and ideas, for implementing partnerships and conducting events.

At the meeting Iva Taralejkova and Desi Hristova presented the activities of the Forum for Citizen Participation – an organization that works at the NGO House. After the presentation everyone had time to get to know each other and talk over a cup of coffee in the cozy atmosphere of the House.

The visit was with an educational purpose and was organized by the foundation “RiskMonitor” and the Institute of Democracy and Mediation (IDM) within the project CIVILISC. The representatives of Albanian organization came from cities in the south part of the country. Currently they are implementing projects financed by a subsidy scheme from CIVILISC.

The visit’s purpose was to build the capacity of the topics of the organizations’ projects by exchanging experience with their Bulgarian colleagues. The guests could discuss with Bulgarian NPOs and with representatives from Sofia Municipality about partnership mechanisms between governmental and non-governmental structures, models of anticorruption initiatives on a local level and innovative ways of citizen participation in all aspects of the social life.

Posted on June 30, 2017 in News

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