Forum Citizen Participation started working with Sofia Municipality

This week Forum Citizen Participation launched the project “Increasing the index of civic participation through the empowerment of the citizens of municipalities based in Sofia”, together with the Association of municipalities in Sofia  with the support of Sofia Municipality Programme Europe 2016. The first activity of the project was a discussion with the participation of regional mayors in Sofia, representatives of regional administrations Kremikovtsi and Novi Iskar, Pancharevo and representatives of the Municipality of Sofia.

The main objective of the meeting is to discuss the challenges facing mayors in their interaction with the citizens on the one hand, and with Sofia Municipality and Sofia Municipal Council on the other. The main challenges faced by residents of municipalities, which may be subject to a public discussion were also identified.

The upcoming project activities are the development of a manual for organizing and conducting public hearings; the training for 30 mayors and representatives of regional administrations; organizing and conducting a public discussion on important local problem in Bistritsa municipality; as well as developing a mechanism to monitor the recommendations made to Sofia Municipality.

Posted on June 23, 2016 in Публикации

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