What is Sofia Pride?

On May 31 at 16:00 in NGO House the advocacy organization – “Resource Center Bilitis” invites you to take part of the discussion meeting where you can ask them what is “Sofia Pride”, while talking why it is important. The topics of what contributes to the improvement of the situation of LGBTI people in Bulgaria and why it needs the support from other NGOs and the general public will also be touched upon.

The questions: How are the rights of LGBTI people in Bulgaria actually violated? Why should some people flaunt their sexual orientation or gender identity?– are often being asked when Sofia Pride is mentioned. In response, “Resource Center Bilitis” will present some facts that will help you understand the situation in which LGBTI people live in Bulgaria.

Gaps in the legislative framework is not the only reason to organize Sofia Pride. In social terms, LGBTI people face serious obstacles to openly be themselves at every step – from family in nearby social environment and to society as a whole. Basically this is rooted in lack of knowledge and understanding of what is it an LGBTI person and accordingly creates fear, which leads to rejection.

So you are more than welcome to NGO House if you are interested to know more on the subject.

Contact: e-mail: g.filipova@bilitis.org or phone number: 0887-607276

Posted on May 31, 2016 in Публикации, Събития

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