Listen Up Foundation, Bulgarian Center for Not-for-Profit Law and TELUS International Europe launched the first hub for social innovations in Sofia

The first venue for social innovations in Bulgaria, called A hub, was launched on April in Sofia. The mission of A hub is to offer a shared space for business and NGOs to develop joint initiatives focused on bringing social change and improving our living environment. We want to ensure accessibility for all and cross-sector constructive dialogue.

A hub is initiated by Listen Up Foundation, with the support of the Bulgarian Center for Not-For-Profit Law. TELUS International Europe is the company that funded the start of the initiative and will support it during the first year. Members of the management team of the company will provide their expert support in achieving sustainability of the social entrepreneurial projects. In the long term, the experts from TELUS International Europe plan a range of training initiatives for the NGO sector.

“Our support for this project reflects the philosophy of TELUS International Europe to “invest where we live”. We have been involved with social responsible projects for a long time and have been working towards sustainable social change. The launch of A hub will help other companies to be more involve in causes as well”, said Xavier Marcenac, President of TELUS International Europe.

“For us the most important is the sense of NGOs community and we believe that when we share and learn from each other, we can achieve more”, added Nadia Shabani, Director of the Bulgarian Center for Not-for-Profit Law.

“All of us, regardless of whether we are from the NGO or the business sector, regardless of our work, we need to create opportunities and to be entrepreneurs that able to make them a reality. A hub is the space where these things can happen and we can motivate everyone who wants to fulfil their brave ideas”, share Ashod Derandonyan, President of Listen Up Foundation.

Posted on April 12, 2017 in News

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