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The Library of the House is searching for additions for its shelves

The NGO House launched the campaign NGO  BookLibrary (in Bulgarian – “НПО КнигоТека”).  Any kind of  books that would be useful to non-governmental organizations are welcome – from the social, educational and cultural spheres to issues related to ecology, contemporary technologies, human rights and others. We will be happy if colleagues from the NGO sector…

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Be guests at the NGO House

Although it is located in the heart of Sofia, the House of civil society organizations is not opened only for the Bulgarian NGOs. In Bulgaria there are more than 40,000 registered non-governmental organizations, as most of them are from the country. If you represent such organization from larger or smaller city in Bulgaria, we know…

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At Work but “At home”

No, we are not talking about working from home. We are talking about that to feel like home while working. We know from experience that it is not easy, even cheap, to find an office in the city center of Sofia. So lots of “toddlers” or small non-governmental organizations choose to work from home, or…

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„Networking” meetings in the NGO House

The House of civil organizations gather under one roof NGOs working in various spheres of public life. One of the goals that we set, creating The House is to create stronger connection and better cooperation in the civil sector. We believe that the more united NGO sector is, the more effective will be its work…

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Virtual house of non-governmental organizations in Bulgaria

With regard to news and all kind of information about and for the sector, you can always rely on NGOs Portal – the virtual house of the non-governmental sector. On it you can find the most complete database of NGOs and people involved with the sector in Bulgaria. You can find internship, you can read…

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