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On October 31, from 16.30 NGO House will host a Business Lab – an interactive event in which you get the chance to solve real cases of real organizations with the participation of experts and the audience.

Organizer of the event is The Business Instiute, a partner and cases carrier is the team of the Information Portal for NGOs in Bulgaria.

Subject of the business laboratory will be the market approach for NGOs. The case of the NGO Portal is connected to the analysis and evaluation of opportunities for revenue generation on market principles in order to achieve lasting financial autonomy for the Portal.

The participants will look for decisions togther with the “experts” and “curious” using the methodologies applied in the courses – “Management of Social Organizations” and “Academy for Social Entrepreneurs” of The Business Institute.

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Preliminary program:

– Registration and time to exchange contacts – 16:30 to 17:00 pm.

– Conducting business laboratory – 17:00-20:00 pm.

In the role of “Case carrier” will bade Ralitsa Nikolova, chief editor of NGO Portal.

The team of “experts” will include practitioners, entrepreneurs and managers from both the business and government sector.

And you, the “curious” will participate together with facilitators and experts in solving the case.

Moderator of the event will be Ralitsa Stanoeva, facilitator at The Business Institute.

We expect very interesting three hours filled with provocative questions and interesting discussions.

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