“1 day with us” from September at NGO House

NGO House is opening doors to all the NGO people still looking for their own working place. From September we are starting the initiative “1 day with us” when representatives of the non-governmental sector and social innovators can feel the warm work atmosphere of the co-working space at the NGO House for a day. It will be free for everyone and it gives you the opportunity to work at the amazing professionally equipped space of the House.

The initiative, starting from September 12th, is perfect for anyone who is developing a NGO initiative and doesn’t want to work at home or at a noisy café anymore. When we offer you one-day access to the House, we provide you with everything that you might need at the work place – internet, printer and scanner, rich library and many colleagues sharing their values and interests in the co-working space of the House.

The first day we will open our doors for you will be 12th of September. Every month we will offer you this opportunity during the work day between 09.00 and 18.00. Each organization can use the working space only once. Information about the date in October will come out soon on our website.

The available places are limited so don’t hesitate and send us an email on info@ngohouse.bg and book yours.

We will welcome you with a smile and the nice smell of hot coffee.

Posted on August 31, 2016 in News, Събития

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