NGO House and the European Information Centres of MEP Mariya Gabriel in Sofia launch a series of trainings

Subject of the first meeting: “How to apply for Erasmus +”

On September 13 at 16:00 we put the start to a new initiative at NGO House, which will enable NGOs to participate in a series of trainings about various European programs all for free. The initiative is in parthenrship with the European information centers of MEP Mariya Gabriel. Several trainings are planned so keep checking our website for the upcoming events.

The first meeting will include a presentation and discussion section, in which you can ask your questions. You will receive practical advice on how to fill in your application forms and guidelines regarding deadlines and financial parameters. Our guest speakers will also present best practices in planning and writing projects.

A little bit more information about our guest speakers – Kiril Lozanov and Zornitsa Petrova. They are both local assistants to Maria Gabriel in Sofia. Kiril has been part of the team of several non-governmental and intergovernmental organizations, where he worked on projects related to the structures of the EU, NATO and the UN. Zornitsa has experience in youth policies on local and national level.

The information centers of Mariya Gabriel in the country are places where you can get information about the work of European institutions and EU policies, and about your rights as an European citizens, as well as about the current European programs. The Centers conduct youth initiatives and trainings, charitable inniatives and information campaigns, together with youth and other NGOs.

The meeting is open to all NGOs interested in the topic, reserved space have all members of the Alumni Club of the Summer School for NGOs and the NGO House community.

Anyone who wishes to participate, please reserve your place here:

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