Are you tired of working at home or at the coffee shops? You want to keep your freedom, but at the same time you appreciate the comfort of the office environment? Try co-working!

The NGO House offers comfortable and functional working space and a convenient place for meetings of like-minded people. Choose your fixed or flexible working space, work with other proactive people and NGO activists, join the community and contact network of the House.
We offer you to rent a desk for up to 1/ 5/10 working days or a whole month depending on your needs. Additional support is provided in the form of fully supplied office space, access to conference hall, high speed internet , technical equipment, office maintenance and utility services. The only thing left for you is to focus on your work.


If the idea suits you, we can be flexible and to find the right format for you.

Our offers

Package XS

Flex desk just for 1 day
15 BGN per day.

Package S

Flex desk for 5 days

50 BGN per month.

Package M

Flex desk for 10 days

90 BGN per month.

Package L

Fixed desk for one month

160 BGN per month.


All packages include

• High speed Wi-Fi internet;

• Use of scanner, copy machine and printer within 30 pages per month;

• Maintenance and cleaning of the co-working spaces;


And also

• Free use of the Conference hall „Meeting point”;

• Free PR consultations;

• Free legal consultations on issues related to the activities of your organization;

• Access to all public events of the community of the House for sharing experience and capacity building.


Compare and choose the most suitable package for you

and services

    • Fixed desk
    • Flex desk
    • Conference hall
    • PR consultations
    • Legal consultations
    • Access to events
    • Coffee/mineral water
    • Office equipment
    • Supplies/maintenance
    • Price (per month)

S Flex
(up to 5 days/month)

    • +
    • 1 hour/month
    • +
    • +
    • +
    • +
    • 50 BGN

M Flex
(up to 10 days/month)

    • +
    • 2 hours/month
    • 1 hour/month
    • +
    • +
    • +
    • +
    • 90 BGN

L Fix
whole month

    • +
    • 3 hours/month
    • 1 hour/month
    • 2 hours/month
    • +
    • +
    • +
    • +
    • 150 BGN



Extra services

  • Rent a laptop:
  • 5 BGN per hour.
  • Rent multimedia equipment:
  • 10 BGN per hour.

*All prices include VAT

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