At Work but “At home”

No, we are not talking about working from home. We are talking about that to feel like home while working. We know from experience that it is not easy, even cheap, to find an office in the city center of Sofia. So lots of “toddlers” or small non-governmental organizations choose to work from home, or make team meetings in the cafes.

The NGO House provides an alternative. Our co-working space combines the comfort of an office environment with friendly and roommate atmosphere , active colleagues from the NGO sector. We offer your own desk, high-speed Internet connection, office equipment and supplies, at a price lower than the bill you will pay for a whole day stay at a nearby café. In addition, get water and coffee, which you can prepare in your favorite cup, the kitchen is available if you want to bring food from home or prepare your own sandwich. If it does not sound you enough domestic, come and convince yourself.

What makes a house a real home, is the pleasant environment by people close to you. The team of the NGO House wants to be your friend, we offer you free advice on the development of your organization and the possibility of multiple contacts with active people like you. Attractive, right? Enter the section “coworking” and find the most suitable package for you.

Posted on November 4, 2015 in News

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